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Our Story

They are both Founder & Creative Director of their own Brand Be-Angeled and Sculpt & Victory.

Both very passionate about creating beautiful things, they wanted to create magic together and so My Magical Wedding was born.


Devi-Shri has created Be-Angeled in 2006, starting her own Be-Angeled jewellery and handbags collection.

She sold her jewellery and handbags in over 150 shops amongst which Gallery Lafayette and Printemps with as cherry on top the most beautiful shop from her muze Chantal Thomass. 

Next to the jewellery and handbags collection, Devi-Shri also sells fashion from Paris in her Private shop in Ghent.

The real Magic started when she met Dim in 2014, when she started to romantically dream of getting married and started to fantasize of beautiful dresses and wedding parties. Her vision was to create beautiful affordable dresses in which her brides feel feminine, confident and empowered. The women she designs for are sophisticated, sexy and authentic. 

Our dresses are all about luxury, quality and style.


Dim has created Sculpt & Victory in 2015

The Sculpt & Victory Costumes are made by the finest exclusive costume makers. They only work with the finest materials as superfine wool and cashmere and linen for the costumes and the finest Italian wrinkle free cotton for the shirts. 

Behind every great man there is Sculpt & Victory.

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My Magical Wedding is a story of two creative people who fell in love.

Designed in Belgium we proudly present you My Magical Wedding.
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